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Here's what past and current clients have to say about us.

"Sarah knows what she is doing! I struggled for 25+ years with chronic Sciatica pain and have been to many different therapists over the years. Sarah was the first person to really achieve the pain relief I was looking for. She takes the time to listen to you, evaluate your concerns and then works out a plan to help you achieve your goals. She also instructs you on how to do follow up exercises to maintain your pain relief. I would have no hesitation recommending Sarah to anyone."
S. Jones - patient

After an ankle injury I visited Sarah for therapy and received the best treatment. Not only was she professional, but her approach was catered to me specifically and she took the time to explain my treatment plan. I felt like it was a combination of therapeutic approach, yet I left with the knowledge of how I could strengthen my muscles and potentially avoid injury in the future. I would definitely recommend her, and would go back to see her again!"

S. Stasenski - patient






"I am so pleased with the detail and hands on approach to Sarah's post natal core class. I never would have been able to do these exercises correctly without Sarah's focused attention. AND as an added bonus, these exercises have improved my sex life! Thanks Sarah!"

Anonymount participant




       "Sarah was able to get me from a point of significant pain and discomfort to being able to play sports at a high level again. I feel better at age 33 then I have in the last 5-6 years and am optimistic that I’ll be able to play the sports that I love for a long time. One of the major things that has improved is that previously I would have setbacks that would hurt for weeks or months but now if I aggravate an injury slightly it heals much more quickly and I can get back on the field or in the gym. There is no way that I could’ve reached this point without the treatments and guidance I’ve been given.

         Several years ago I had injured my elbow. I was worried I could no longer play ultimate Frisbee and softball after a doctor and physiotherapist told me the injury wouldn’t likely ever heal properly and I wasn’t really given any good options. Sarah gave me some different techniques to strengthen the muscle and I am now able to throw with less pain then I’ve had since I injured my elbow. I can now play these sports with minimal discomfort.

          I’ve had a shoulder injury for almost 6 years and it was getting worse and worse over time. Even before the injury I had limitations in things like bench press that I believe were related to muscle imbalances and improper form. Working with Sarah I have been able to get close to my previous level of strength and can do pushups, pullups, compete in obstacle races, etc without significant discomfort and achieve good results. The progress that’s been made recently has me very optimistic that I’ll be able to get stronger than I’ve ever been in the years to come. Most notable was the way that she established proper movement patterns so that instead of constantly re-injuring myself I was able to improve my form to where my movements don’t aggravate the injury.

              I’ve had some fairly chronic groin/adductor injuries for several years. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play football this year, but after a few sessions I’ve been able to return to play earlier than I expected and I am actually getting stronger every week while still playing multiple sports. Next year I expect to be even stronger."

Nathan - patient



"Follow up report on last treatment, AWESOME!!!  The discomfort that I have been bitching about for the last number of years is 95% gone. "

Cheers, From a much happier guy



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