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Post Natal Recovery & Rehabilitation


So much emphasis goes into pre natal fitness and care, and then once you have the baby all focus goes to the little one and mom can often get forgotten about.  Post natal recovery is arguably more important than prenatal as your body has just gone through a massive transformation of pregnancy and trauma of childbirth. 


Whether your delivery was vaginal, cesarian, or emergency cesarian our bodies need to recover.   For some women, post natal recovery will be more extensive as there may be actual injuries and scar tissue, while for others it may be just the rehabilitation of getting your pelvic floor and deep core muscles firing correctly again.  We offer both private therapy and group classes to help you kick-start your post natal recovery.


Private Therapy


Through private therapy we will help you: recover faster, help treat diastasis recti (DR) and pubic symphysis diastasis (PSD).  Private post natal recovery will follow our injury assessment and rehabilitiation methodology.  


Group Classes


We offer 6 week courses designed to help treat and prevent diastasis recti (DR) and pubic symphysis diastasis (PSD).  If you are a mom, you will benefit from this course! In the course you will learn how to properly fire your deep core muscles (transverse abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidus and glute meds).   Most people don't know how to activate their deep core muscles in the first place, and then you add carrying and growing a baby inside you for 9+months that stretch out the abdominal muscles.  Your posture also becomes compromised from the typical preggo stance (back arch) and the various, often awkward baby/child carrying poses.


This class is NOT a boot camp style class that will have you drenched in sweat afterwards or have anyone yelling out drills to you. This is a rehab class that will teach you how to build your pillar of strength, so that you will better succeed at more physically challenging and daily activities such as: a boot camp class, running after your toddler, or rocking your infant all night.  By the end of each class it is expected that your core and mind will have been activated and quite likely fatigued.


The cost for this is $180 and can be claimed with your health coverage under Athletic Therapy or health care spending account.

Click on our Schedule to see when the next class dates are.



Can't make those times work? Have a couple of friends that you want to do the class with?  We can come to you when its convienent for you!  Please send us an email or call so we can discuss more.


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