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Post Natal Core Rehabilitation Classes


Please contact us to reserve your spot in a class today.  Class sizes are small (3-4 participants) as they require a lot of attention from the instructor, as well as its a hands on approach for feedback on getting the correct muscles recruited and learning the exercises.


Post Natal 
      Pillar of Strength 
                                    Level 1

- Did you just have a baby?

- Maybe you had a baby a month, 6 months, or a year or 5 ago?

- Are you tired of being asked "how far along you are" even though you aren't expecting?
- Are you constantly "throwing your back out"?
- Do your hips and back ache by the end of the day?

- Do you pee a little when you cough, sneeze or laugh?
- Do you want to learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor post baby?
THEN this is the class for you!


6 week class that builds the foundation of your core. Strengthening you from the inside out. 

In this class you will be assessed for diastasis recti and pubic symphysis diastasis.  We will work on rebuilding the neural pathways to allow you to be able to fire your deep core and pelvic floor muscles.  Strengthening these muscles will help prevent the back pain caused from rocking or carrying a baby, to tightening up the "loose" after preggo belly look, to making your workouts more effective so that you can be active and healthy to keep up with your energetic kids. This class involves a hands on approach from the instructor to encourage proper recruitment of the muscles. 


The class does require a lot of mental focus, so please leave your children at home for some much deserved you time.


 Total investment is $180 +gst




                  Wednesday April 6 - May 11       7:30 - 8:30pm  FULL


                  Wednesday May 18 - June 29     7:30 - 8:30pm

                    (no class June 8)




Click on the link below to register! Classes fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today.



Can't make those times work? Have a couple of friends that you want to do the class with?  We can come to you when its convienent for you!  Please send us an email or call so we can discuss more.  Minimum of 3 to run a private class.





Post Natal 
        Pillar of Strength
                                   Level 2

6 week workout class that will build off of the fundamentals learned in level 1.  This class will be more of a workout class, so be prepared to get your sweat on while getting strong from the inside out.


These classes require a lot of mental focus, so please leave your little ones at home for some much deserved YOU time.



Please contact us to register



Pre-requisite: Post Natal Pillar of Strength Level 1

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