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Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation

Acute or chronic. Sport related, work related or life related.  We can help you return to play, pain and injury free.  Athletic Therapists use the sports medicine model to assess and treat injuries and we are known for being musculoskeletal and orthopedic experts.


Our Athletic Therapist, Sarah Breu takes a holistic approach in her assessment and treatment.  She assesses the entire kinetic chain for muscle imbalances that can be attributing or delaying the recovery of your injury or pain.

Sarah is Graston certified and K-taping certified. She uses these techniques in her treatments along with other manual techniques, stretches and exercises.


Initial assesment appointments are required for all new patients and existing patients with new injuries.  These appointments are an hour in length starting with a full body scan for underlying conditions through posture and gait analysis.  After the investigation, the remaining appointment time will be focused on recovery in preparation for the first rehabilitation appointment.


Rehabilitation appointments are an hour in length and can include manual therapy techniques, ultrasound, IFC, muscle stim, graston, k-taping and or exercises/stretches (as the therapist sees fit).  You will be shown exercises and stretches that will be part of your home program.  Our philosophy is to return you to play as quickly as possible, and in order to do that you will be responisble to doing a home program of exercises and stretches.


Our appointments are always private, one on one for the entire hour.  You will be treated and  taught all the exercises by our certified therapist.


Currently Sarah is seeing patients in Canmore.

If you are looking for an appointment, please contact Sarah directly at 403-870-7980 or or click the link below.


Athletic Therapy


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