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Athlete Functional Movement Assessment

Set yourself up for success.  Prevention is so much easier than going through an injury, time off of your sport and rehabbing. Our body's mechanics can often be the underlying cause of an acute injury (like a rolled ankle or pulled hamstring), and is the root cause of chronic injuries like shin splints, knee and back pain.

We can help prevent injuries and help you return to play, pain and injury free. Athletic Therapists  are known for being musculoskeletal and orthopedic experts.  So if you had had nagging chronic pain then you need a functional movement assessment.

These appointments are 30 - 45 minutes in length, starting with a full body scan for underlying conditions through posture and gait analysis.  Functional movement patterns will be assessed, and muscles will be tested for strength and flexibility. Sport specific movements will be video for muscle imbalance analysis.

The results will be shared, and specific exercises and stretches will be given. A report can be sent to the athlete's coach if desired.


Our appointments are always private, one on one and you will be taught all the exercises by our certified therapist.

Currently Sarah is seeing patients in Canmore.

If you are looking for an appointment, please contact Sarah directly at 403-870-7980 or



Athletic Therapy


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