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Athletic Classes


Please contact us to reserve your spot in a class today.  Class sizes are small (4-6 participants) as they require a lot of attention from the instructor, as well as its a hands on approach for feedback on getting the correct muscles to recruited and learning the exercises.


Pillar of Strength

Are you constantly getting injured?

Throwing out your back?

Are you struggling to achieve the goals you want in sport and in the gym?

Are you working with a trainer and they keep telling you to activate your glutes, Q.L...etc and you can't seem to "feel" these muscles working?


Then this class is for you!


Learn how to properly fire your deep core muscles so that you are able to recruit those muscles when doing squats, deadlifts, running, training and sport.  These muscles are the fundamentals to being strong and balanced, but at the same time it is very easy to "cheat" and recruit other muscles to do the same movement pattern and not even realize it...until injury or pain occurs.


Let us help you build your pillar of strength and help you return to sport, work or play faster!







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